Great adventure

Congratulations to the city of Hillsboro and co-sponsor Families and Communities Together Inc. for the first Hillsboro Youth Adven?ture, a one-day interaction with the behind-the-scenes tasks and civil servants who keep a city functioning from day to day. The six middle-school students who participated in the event were exposed to everything from fighting fires to screening sewer sludge. The addition of hands-on, fun activities spiced up an agenda that could have easily become long and tedious in lesser hands.

We in the media who cover city government and services have a sense of the variety and complexity of the jobs that need to be accomplished to keep life ?normal? in our communities. Even so, what these six kids saw and heard and did ?up-close and personal? gives them a leg up on most of us. Perhaps a Hills?boro Adult Adventure is worth considering?water pistols or no water pistols.

What we like best about Hillsboro Youth Adven?ture is the idea of making the community more real for our kids, and in the process plant the seed that they don?t have to move away to find a fulfilling lifestyle and career. They can benefit from, and contribute to, the profound satisfaction that comes from small-town living. ?DR

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