Good people

Through these nine years that we?ve been publishing the Free Press, we?ve been blessed to have more than our fair share of good people serving as members of our team. Some of them have been young, fresh out of college, while others have had significant years of professional and life experience. By ?good people? we mean folks who not only possess creative talent and a good work ethic?which has been true. We mean people who also possess good hearts and a caring and positive outlook on life, and are committed to affirming and contributing more of same in our little corner of the universe.

The tradition continues with the addition of Malinda Just to our editorial team as of Aug. 1. A 2005 graduate of Tabor College, she comes to us with journalistic training and experience in writing and editing. Her contributions will make the Free Press a better newspaper than what it would be without her. Above all, she?ll fit in perfectly with the high caliber of people we?ve almost come to take for granted around here.

We say this to welcome Malinda on board, but also to let you know that for whatever successes we?ve experienced during our relatively brief run, we?re well aware they would not have happened without a great team. We are indebted to those who work beside us day after day, issue after issue. With their help, we?ve accomplished a lot in nine years. With they?re help, we have an odds-on chance of accomplishing a lot more. ?DR

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