For 4-H

It would be interesting, but impossible, to calculate the number of hours of preparation that are represented by the results of the various 4-H competi?tions at each Marion County Fair. It took a couple of days here just to format the data for publication in this week?s issue. (See Page 2B.) As a 4-H alum who struggled as a youngster to prepare a single entry in the Swine Division, we know it takes a significant investment and commitment. What?s more, most 4-H members these days enter multiple projects at the fair, and in a wide range of interest categories.

4-H as a whole has done a commendable job of adjusting to changing times. A program that attracted mostly farm kids a generation ago, 4-H now offers project opportunities that interest a broad spectrum of youth, both city and farm.

Something that hasn?t changed over the years are the skills and values that 4-H instills in young people. Leadership, responsibility and confidence are some of the big lessons that will serve these young people well the rest of their lives. We commend our 4-H young people and the adults who work with them. Congratu?la?tions and keep up the good work. ?DR

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