We?re sure the extrication class for Marion County firefighters this weekend was a good training experience for those volunteers who give their time and energy for the sake of saving lives in times of emergencies. Beyond the technical instruction they received, which goes far beyond our expertise and even our comprehension, the weekend was instructional for Marion County in another way: Our communities can get along with each, and even cooperate to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

This recent election season has been a tough test for cooperative relationships within Marion County, particularly between Hillsboro and Marion. It?s unfortunate that the discussion of issues devolved into accusations between individuals and communities. Voters will settle the jail issue once the ballots are counted this week. But who will work to heal the rift between Marion and Hillsboro?

Maybe the firefighters took the first step. Maybe they can demonstrate the cooperative spirit that just might extricate us from the pettiness and suspicions that have entrapped us within our prideful ways. ?DR

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