Editorial- Welcome home?

What is the purpose of a high school homecoming week? From the word itself, one might assume it would have something do with people ?coming home? to a particular place of origin?as in alumni returning as honored guests to the old alma mater in order to reconnect with former classmates and embellish a few memories. And yet very few (if any) homecoming events are actually planned with alumni in mind. Sure, ?the public? is invited to a downtown parade and pep rally, to observe the coronation of a queen and king and to cheer the home team to gridiron victory. But we are observers only. In truth ?homecoming? is actually all about current students who are already ?home.?

This sounds like a complaint, but it really isn?t intended to be. Current students seem to have a blast planning and participating in these annual rituals. It would be a shame to spoil it with the involvement of the rapidly aging hordes. Maybe we simply need to change the name of the tradition to better fit reality. We think students would just as soon invite alumni to be ?homestaying.? After all, we felt that way when we were their age. ?DR


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