Editorial- Parlor game politics

The latest expression of political smoke and mirrors seeped into the national crevice last week with the claim by presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton that what U.S. consumers need to ease their economic pain is a vacation from the federal gasoline tax over the summer months.

This bold initiative, as it turns out, would save the average consumer a whopping $28 on their gasoline bill. Meanwhile, the move would drain federal funding for road construction and maintenance by some $9 billion dollars.

Coming on the heels of Bush?s ill-conceived ?economic stimulus package? that will provide a token tax refund for every taxpayer, this latest charade makes perfect sense. Let?s waste more tax money by giving the illusion of tax relief.

One of the active presidential candidate has called this bluff for what it is?a political parlor game for the sake of a percentage point or two in the polls. Mr. Obama, you may have earned our vote, not just our appreciation. ?DR

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