Editorial- It’s our party, too

This weekend is more than a celebration time for the folks traditionally thought of as the Tabor College community?administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Anyone associated with the community in which Tabor is located?namely Hillsboro and Marion County?has reason to feel good about what the college has achieved and what the future holds.

Set aside the educational and religious mission of the institution for a moment, and Tabor College is one of the largest ?industries? in the area as an employer of people (with families), a purchaser of goods and services, and an attraction year round for visitors and guests who bring (and leave) tourist dollars in our stores and businesses.

Now figure in the other dimensions that Tabor College brings?educational resourcing, fine arts, athletic events, a population of energetic and talented young people?and it?s hard to argue that Tabor College is not one of the most important assets for our regional future.

Tabor College, we celebrate your milestone. We celebrate our partnership. Congratulations! ?DR

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