Editorial? Call it what it is

The Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas defines domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behaviors used to establish power and control over an intimate partner often leading to the threat or use of violence. Abuse is any controlling, hurtful act, work or gesture that injures another?s body or emotions.

Abuse comes in several forms. One form is variously labeled as emotional, psychological or mental abuse. It comes through a variety of means, such as accusing you of having an affair, keeping you from family and friends, taking or destroying important papers.

A common form is verbal abuse. It comes through such statements as: You?re stupid (fat, ugly, etc.)…. You can?t do anything right…. You?re an unfit parent…. Who would want you?

Physical abuse includes any number of injurious behaviors: hitting, slapping, pinching, strangling or kicking; threatening to hurt you; throwing objects at you.

Sexual abuse occurs when you are forced to have sex (rape), or to perform unwanted sexual practices; it happens when your sexual performance is constantly criticized, or when sex or affection are withheld as a tool to manipulate your behavior.

If you find yourself the target of these kinds of behaviors, or know someone else who is, seek assistance. You deserve so much better. ?DR

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