Editorial? Call it what it is

Abuse comes in several forms. One form is variously labeled as emotional, psychological or mental abuse. It comes through a variety of means, such as accusing you of having an affair, keeping you from family and friends, taking or destroying important papers.

A common form is verbal abuse. It comes through such statements as: You?re stupid (fat, ugly, etc.)…. You can?t do anything right…. You?re an unfit parent…. Who would want you?

Physical abuse includes any number of injurious behaviors: hitting, slapping, pinching, strangling or kicking; threatening to hurt you; throwing objects at you.

Sexual abuse occurs when you are forced to have sex (rape), or to perform unwanted sexual practices; it happens when your sexual performance is constantly criticized, or when sex or affection are withheld as a tool to manipulate your behavior.

If you find yourself the target of these kinds of behaviors, or know someone else who is, seek assistance. You deserve so much better. ?DR