Editorial- A better road

Now that someone has taken the time?all of two weeks, actually?to research the financial viability of the new jail project being proposed by our county commissioners, voters should now have sufficient facts to see the truth: This $8.65 million project is nothing short of economic anti-development for Marion County and worthy of a resounding ?no? vote on Nov. 4.

We won?t linger longer here to analyze the political navigation that has brought us to this bizarre point. Let?s talk instead about finding a path back to good governance and financial responsibility. Without question, Marion County needs to do something different with its present jail situation. The best idea we?ve heard to this point is to scale downward, not upward, in regard to correctional facilities by transporting our inmates to existing jails, most of which have empty beds waiting. Perhaps all we need in our county is to develop something as simple as a booking cell to hold a new prisoner overnight before transporting him or her to a facility beyond our county lines.

If we want to spend $8.65 million to enhance our county, let?s consider something that actually improves our quality of life. Better roads, anyone? ?DR

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