Double blessing

This area received a double blessing over the weekend. The first one was when rain finally fell in drought-drenching amounts in Marion County?from 31?2 to 51?2 inches from reports heard here. The second blessing was that rains ended in time for the arts and craft events in Hillsboro, Marion and Wildcat Creek Ranch near Peabody to experience a successful outcome.

We know the Good Book teaches that rain falls on the just and unjust, and this summer we found out from personal experience that it also fails to fall on the just and unjust. All that to say, our personal righteousness is relatively immaterial as a factor in nature?s provision or punishment. The point of the indiscriminate treatment of the just and unjust is that God will allow what he chooses to allow. Our choice is how we will respond when good or bad things happen to us, who we will credit or blame, and whether we use either circumstance to nourish the roots of our faith. ?DR

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