Devalued values

Columnist Abi Humber shows incredible courage and keen insight as she shares her recent experience with sexual assault in this week?s Horizons essay (Page 5). It?s not an easy or pleasant story to tell, but we agree with her that it?s important to tell it, partly for her own healing but also for the chance to encourage other women who have been violated by this horrific abuse.

More than three decades have passed since the women?s movement began raising the consciousness of American society, particularly the male population, regarding the inherent dignity and worth of every woman. Yet wander through the wasteland of television?s ?reality? programming, or listen to the tsunami of disrespectful and vulgar comments inundating popular culture, and it?s clear that we still live in a society that devalues women as sexual targets. For its aggressive tact, it may even be worse now than it was.

When we dehumanize others through our words and deeds, we dehumanize ourselves. Change begins one person at a time. Change begins with us. ?DR

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