We had mixed reactions to the news last week that Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp was removed from the House Agriculture and Budget committees by House Speaker John Boehner. Huelskamp?s understanding was that he was being ?punished? by Republican leadership for his voting record and for the abrasive style with which he expresses his views.

Our primary feeling was regret that Kansas apparently has lost influence on the Agriculture Committee, which is of critical importance to our state as the new farm bill is being formulated.

At the same time, it seems ironic that the staunchly conservative Huelskamp is accusing more moderate Republican leaders as targeting him for his political views when in fact a similar ?target practice? has been common at the state level with far-right Republi?can groups openly and proudly working to oust moderate Republicans on the basis of their political views.

We don?t like the gamesmanship by either group, but it?s amusing to see the shoe on the other foot. ?DR

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