Be prepared

Spring is off to a good start, especially with recent refreshing rains as the month of May rolls in. But keep in mind that once warm weather arrives, so does the peak season for tornadoes in Kansas. Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Do you have an appropriate shelter if a tornado threatens? Basements and storm shelters are best, whether they be yours or a neighbor who is willing to share. If you have neither, seek shelter on the lowest level in the center most part of your home. Put as many walls between you and the storm as possible.

Have you prepared an emergency stash of supplies in the event of a disaster—such as personal medications, clothing changes for two days, toiletries, a checkbook and cash, birth certification and other valuable papers, rings, pictures, meaningful books, water? We haven’t had much reason to think about tornado threats. Don’t be caught unprepared. —DR