Attention, public

Some people crave public attention, most tolerate it, but a few resist it like it?s the swine flu. Two public servants in Hillsboro who fall in the latter category have reached milestones that deserve our attention?and our gratitude. True to form, both adamantly declined our request to feature their contributions in the news section. Unfortunately for them, they can?t control what appears in an editorial.

One of those public servants is Doug Huxman, who will complete his assignment as interim superintendent for USD 410 at the end of this month. It?s challenging to step into an interim role even under the best of circumstances, but Mr. Huxman faced out-of-the-ordinary challenges during his 24 months: multiple building projects, a protracted lawsuit and significant budget cuts. Call it the Excedrin trifecta.

It?s no small accomplishment that USD 410 is emerging intact and on line for continued success as Steve Noble prepares to step in July 1 as the next superintendent. No doubt Mr. Huxman would credit the assistance of the board, fellow administrators and support staff?and rightly so. But the buck does stop ultimately with him, and so should our gratitude for a job well done.

The other public servant is Jan Meisinger, who completed 30 years of service last week as Hillsboro city clerk. Her role is behind the scenes, but from everything we have heard and observed, she fills the role wonderfully. The length of her tenure as a city staff member?unusual in Hillsboro?s history?has been an asset for city government through the ongoing changes in administrators, technology and responsibilities. Beyond that, she?s always been a pleasant and accomodating person when we?ve needed her asistance.

The good news for Hillsboro is that Ms. Meisinger will be continuing her service. If happen to you see her on the street or in the office, thank her for past and future contributions. And remind her that she promised to let us write a profile about her when she does decide to step down. ?DR

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