Anyone can be family

The holidays are a time when I spend probably the most time with my family. My aunt usually drives home from St. Louis, my sister drives north from Texas, and generally, there is a packed house in Buhler to greet me.

I have never once thought about that not being the case for me until recently.

My best friend lost his mother last year and another good friend of mine lost both his mother and father in the last two years. One is 33-years old and the other is just barely 28-years old.

Loss like that can put a lot in perspective. During the holidays, while I am thinking about family and what things they might like in the coming years, my friends are looking for a distraction from all of it.

This wasn’t meant to be doom and gloom. I want people to be festive and enjoy this time of year where most seem to be just a little happier than usual.

What this piece is about is the word family and what it means. I have seen my definition expand more than I ever thought it would.

Those two friends are very much my brothers. I love them and wish them well. This time of year is a time to think about your blood family, but also those whom wouldn’t fit within your typical scope either.

I know this time of year is going to be hard on both of them, and there are plenty others out there too that are going to shed a tear during all the joy surrounding them.

I hope to bring a small bit of joy to them this season and I hope everyone will do the same whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or stranger. Share the love.

– Joey Young, Publisher

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