Above the call

Out-of-the-ordinary events often call for out-of the-ordinary responses. Residents of Hillsboro and Marion County certainly received the latter from their public workers following last week?s record-setting snowstorm. If TV reports are to be believed, Hillsboro received the most snow in the state with 20 inches. The rest of the county was not far behind.

We don?t know how city employees in every community responded in the aftermath of the heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures. But we were impressed with the response in Hillsboro. According to City Administrator Larry Paine, his team hit the streets with snow plows in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. By sunrise, most streets were passable.

We also heard positive commentss about the effort county workers contributed in the rural areas, though no doubt some residents had to wait a while for help to arrive. Beyond public crews, we witnessed neighbors helping neighbors and, of course, the contributions of Tabor College cheered us all. Together, we made it through just fine. ?DR

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