A senior moment?

Senior Citizens of Marion County Inc. met for its 55th annual meeting Thursday at the Marion Senior Center. SCMCI has been instrumental in the creation and development of local senior centers as a strategy for meeting the needs of older friends and neighbors within a community.

Marion County blazed that trail 55 years ago, and most of the nation has followed in similar form. To think of Marion County as a pacesetter in national social change is mind-boggling. We who follow in their footsteps can take pride in the creativity and determination of our forebears for developing a model of caregiving and resourcing that has stood the test of time.

That said, no one can say with certainty what the future holds. Already in Marion County some senior centers have closed, and others struggle to make ends meet. We believe seniors will always need avenues not only to meet their physical and emotional needs, but to serve their community and peers.

The legacy of the senior-center movement is that it created the right vehicle at the right time, making the retirement years more meaningful and productive through self-initiated cooperation and organization. It?s a tremendous accomplishment that needs to live on in new and creative forms. Who will take the lead this time around? ?DR