A change in coverage

It has come to my attention that there are people who have taken notice to some of the coverage changes in the Free Press over the last few weeks.

The changes have made some happy and some sad, and we understand that. While I haven’t received one complaint in person or through e-mail, some staff members have.

I just thought it would be appropriate to point out that all coverage decisions, thus far, have been mine and no one else’s and have been made due to resources and personnel developments.

If someone is upset about coverage, please have them shoot me an e-mail at joey@kspublishingventures.com or a phone call at 316-712-2125, and I will be happy to speak to them.

We are still searching for an editor, and I am expanding our search outside of the state starting in October, as my normal recruiting channels haven’t been successful.

Things are going to be different even when we have our permanent editor in place. That is what happens when an editor of 20 years leaves the helm.

Hopefully, our Free Press readers understand and appreciate that we are still putting out a paper every week, delivered to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.

– Joey Young, Publisher