Editor gives update on long, hard road after car wreck

think most everyone has heard, but just in case you haven’t…I was in a pretty intense car accident with my 16 year old daughter Emily on December 15. According to troopers on the scene, we should have both died. Em walked away with a fractured collar bone while I had more substantial injuries – okay, substantial is putting it nicely. My body got really beat up, but it is working it’s way back to normal, or at least a new normal.

I will share more in both my column and in some other pieces as time goes on. I have learned so much about the healthcare system (spoiler alert: it’s broken minus some amazing nurses and doctors), the body, mental health and so much more. I hope that others can learn from all that I have been through.

For now though, I have to say something about this place we call Marion County. I have been blown away by you all. I cannot begin to adequately thank the many of you who rushed in and showed love and support. The notes, cards, texts, messages, emails, etc. went straight to my soul. Then there have been donations, food, fundraisers, people showing up for things like building a ramp on my porch (Dale Dalke is amazing!), rides for kids, grocery store runs and 537 other things I am forgetting. I didn’t deserve any of it, yet all have been given freely.

I cannot imagine trying to recover and rebuild anywhere else after this. I am speechless at what this community has done for me and my family.

One more thing and then I need a nap (I need a lot of those these days). Thank you to my family at KPV/Free Press for covering for me and for loving me through this. I cannot imagine a better place to work. And thank you to my family. The things that Jim has had to see and do…let’s just say Em and I weren’t the only ones traumatized! I could not do any of what he has, and I am grateful for him. And those kids! They have had to give up a lot and they have not complained once. I am a lucky woman!

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