Driving the streets again

Look out! I?m driving on the streets again. I haven?t done it since June 1. I drove home from my checkup in Newton without incident. That was just a warmup for the road trip I took Wednesday.

I asked why I wasn?t allowed to drive when others who had the same surgery could drive almost right away. He said some doctors do not talk about it so the patient does what he or she wants. I like having my freedom to go where I wish.


?L.A. Frock Stars? and season two of the TV Show ?The Way We Wore? premieres March 19, 2016.

Daughter Amy went to their store while in LA and felt just like she was on the TV show, with the stars of the show in house that day helping her try on clothes.

All vintage clothing was 50 percent off; she picked up a nice beaded top/crop jacket from the 1950s that looked marvelous. The clothing is found by the show?s star from all around the country.


When I am older, and if I can still drive, I think I will be an Uber driver. So far as I know we don?t have one in this area yet.


Just to show how observant I am?. I was walking at the sports complex again this past week and noticed the stripes and numbers on the field had been repainted as well. And just as accurately as the track was repainted.


I now have an extra Swiss Army Knife after Nancy cleaned the cushions on our sofa last week. Below the cushions was a knife I lost probably a year ago.

Now I have an extra knife again. There?s always money to be found in the sofa. Believe it.


It appears to me that the least envied coaching job in the Big XII belongs to David Beaty of KU. He and his staff have been installing a new system and culture for the Jayhawks. Time will tell how successful they will be, but it?s always fun to dream about the possibilities.

And don?t feel sorry for the Wildcats being chosen by the coaches to finish seventh in the conference. With Bill Snyder at the helm, I would never count KSU?out of any title run.


Still hoping for affordable fiber Internet in my lifetime. I hear fiber is good for you. At least I might be checking my social media more regularly.


Jerry Seinfeld has a show called ?Comed?ians in Cars Getting Coffee.? It?s on the website Crack?le.com.

If you?re looking for free content to watch on TV with Chromecast, you might try it. Just sign up like I did, and the next day you have already forgotten your password and have to reset it.

The show has laugh makers like Jim Carrey, Don Rickles to name a few. I found some of it to be funny, but not all laughs.

Larry David, who was on one show, told Seinfeld he finally had come up with a show about nothing.


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