Don’t miss your music opportunity

If you missed the concert this past summer at First Mennonite Church presented by the family group 5x Harder, you have another chance to hear them. The family includes Pastor Tom Harder and his wife, Lois, who is the interim associate pastor at Alex­anderwohl Menno­nite Church and their daughters. They are Anna, Madeline and her husband Eric, and Hillary, youngest to oldest. And can they ever play guitars, piano, bass guitar, violins, cello and sing. The string quartet was terrific as well, it included two violins, cello and dad on viola. Five times Harder will present a Christmas concert of folk and bluegrass music Sun. afternoon, Dec. 22 at 4:00 in the sanctuary at First Mennonite Church, Hillsboro. Open to the public.


I will call the past two weeks of my life “The two weeks of misery.” Starting Dec. 1, Nancy drove us to Kansas City for the first procedure the next day starting at 5:15 a.m. at AdventHealth in Overland Park. This was to sew the plaque radiation to the back of my eye. My eye was covered with a lead shield and I was to stay away from pregnant women and babies. Nancy was supposed to stay 3 feet away. We went back on the 6th to have the plaque removed, again the 12th for a follow-up visit. Glad son Dan came home to drive us for that trip to remove the plaque at 5:15. Both procedures were outpatient, so it was a long ride home. It is one thing to be informed that you may lose your vision, but isn’t the same until you experience it first hand. My dear friend Michele Longabaugh said that cancer always takes something from you. She has been dealing with stage four anal cancer for almost 10 years now. She suffered many side effects from that experience. She partnered with me to print the compilation of her blogs and her experiences with cancer, it’s called “ If you’re not laughing you’re dying.”

There was guy in the waiting room who told the nurse to fix his knee so he would be ready for the senior Olympics.

Thanks to the Paulus kids for writing my column last week when I wasn’t able. Experiences they wrote about were very enjoyable for me. And Sarah, Emily, Aaron and Ruthie will always hold a special place in my heart.

This panda bear walks into a bar and orders a sandwich. He then shoots the waiter and heads out the door. He tells the bartender to look him up in the dictionary. So the bartender looks him up online and finds the following information on the panda bear: Eats shoots and leaves.

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