Life phases pass on all too quietly

Call me a romantic, but for some reason I always expect life to progress in phases, like it does in the movies. Whenever a significant event ends, I wait for some sort of pomp or fanfare, perhaps some scrolling credits.

But this never seems to be the case.

For example, the cast and crew of Tabor College?s homecoming production just finished our final presentation of ?The Pirates of Penzance.?

This is something that I have devoted the better portion of my time to since August, not to mention countless hours of learning the music over the summer.

But now we?re done, and, as always, I?m waiting for some sort of time-continuum disruption that will indicate the separation of that era of my life to whatever major event is lined up next.

I?m not sure what exactly I expect to happen. Maybe a week of no responsibility. Or even the opportunity to sleep in a little bit.

I?m certainly not requiring a full orchestra to play an overture in the soundtrack of my life as I move on to the next segment. I just feel like there should be some sort of measurable gap between my Homecoming Production Phase and my (tentatively titled) Holiday Phase of 2010.

But, to quote the Pirate King, this cannot be.

Side note: the beauty and/or curse of being involved extensively with dramatic productions is that for at least a month after the show, one tends to inadvertently reference memorable lines.

This can be funny. But it can also be annoying. For example, if I say ?my sense of duty? one more time I might just have to find a door which I will cause to come in physical contact with my forehead.

End side note.

So now ?Pirates of Penzance? is done, and life seems to be flowing seamlessly without any interruptions right into the next week of no rehearsals or performances. Life will go on as if there never was a ?Pirates of Penzance.?

This means that everything I neglected to take care of for the last several weeks because of my busy schedule will still exist.

One example that?s sitting right in front of me is the dire need to clean off my desk space. I am currently working in the middle of a mound of Hall?s Defense lozenge wrappers, empty Nyquil packets, gum wrappers and empty water bottles.

Not to mention my half of the room hasn?t exactly been kept up either. Let?s just say I have some definite cleaning to do in the next several days.

Plus, I have a nice stack of homework that awaits me. By early December I must complete a mock marketing plan of significant size, a hefty literature review for a communication class and a scripted video for another communication class, in addition to all the other little assignments littered throughout the weeks.

But it?s not that I?m complaining. That?s life, I suppose. There is no fanfare. No pomp. No end credits. No fully orchestrated bow music. Life just goes on, and we all must take care of our responsibilities.

I have appealed to my sense of duty, and my duty is only too clear. I will do my duty, now go ye and do yours.

Side note: I really need to quit quoting that show?.

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