For Sight was a predictable choice

The NFL?s preseason began last week, and football has been on my mind ever since. I usually don?t find myself terribly attached to a certain team, but for the sport of it, I like to pick one to root for throughout the season.

But the pickings are starting to get slim. I?ve been for this team and for that team, but each one that I?m for lets me down.

Here?s a recap:

Last year, for example, I rooted for Sight, but I was soon able to predict their downward spiral.

The same thing happened when I rooted for Seeable.

Thankfully, it wasn?t as bad when I rooted for Shadowing, though there were definite hints throughout the season that it wouldn?t end well.

When I was for Closure, the team?s efforts just didn?t pay off. The team eventually got bought out by another.

And when I was for Giving, the players always let the other guys get by too easy.

One time I was for Ensics, but there was evidence of foul play. I switched to being for Saken since no one else seemed to care for them.

When I was for Lorn, the season was hopeless.

I was for Mulaic once, and it went pretty well until the other teams figured out that the same play patterns were used over and over.

I would have been for Midable, but the opposition seemed too strong.

Then I was for Boding, but my apprehensions about the team were a bit much, so I got out early, just like when I was for Warned.

When I was for Casting, there were always rain delays, but that was better than when I was for Feiting, since the team never actually showed up.

I was for Tissimo for quite some time, but their momentum hit a decrescendo and came crashing down.

Then there was the time I was for Fathers, but it seemed like the current team just didn?t match up to the players who had come before them.

I was for Tified, and they seemed pretty strong until the team?s foundation got knocked out.

Once I rooted for Ever, but the matches just kept going and going and going, so then I was for Go since they always skipped their games.

I was also for Tune, but illegal gambling among the players disqualified them from the rest of the season.

Then I was for Telling, but the early season prognosis didn?t look good.

But the season I remember the most was when I was for Getting, which just seems ironic in itself.

Yes, it would seem that I?ve made some poor choices for whom to root for in the past, but I?ll always enjoy a good football game. I can?t wait until the season-opening kick next month. I guess I?ll just root for Evermore.

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