Decision wasn?t a good one

My decision to bundle my Internet and DirecTV with Century Link was a complete disaster.

Neither company was able to follow through with what I was told on the phone or in person when the installer showed up April 25. After the fact, they told me it was the other company?s problem and I would have to speak with them. I lost an hour of my life trying to discuss the situation with both entities.

I was finally able to get DirecTV to discount $21.50 for one month of DVR service fees. I can think of much better ways to spend my time.


After I last week?s column, I received an email from a local person who said they have had a good experience with Eagle and maybe I should try them. I have had experience with Eagle as well.

I went with CL in the first place because I thought they had lost so many customers that the bandwidth shortage was no longer a problem.


I repeat: The lesson learned here is that you can?t trust what big-company sales people tell you, and if you call CL you can get your bill lowered, kind of. My bill is lower now, but by not nearly as much as they led me to believe at the outset.


I would like to thank the Marion County appraiser?s office for digitally providing about 12,888 valuations of real estate parcels located in the county, which I used to format a useful document.

They are now uploaded to the Free Press website. You can now check how your property compares to similar properties in the event you are not happy with the value they have assigned to your property. You may download the pdf file and search it for whatever you are looking for. You will find it under the ?Breaking News? heading.

You can appeal your property valuation at any time, but if you appeal more than 30 days after you receive your evaluation in the mail, any change wouldn?t be effective until the following year.


I just love city cleanup week, which everyone who lives in Hillsboro knows just transpired. It is a great service to the community. I wonder how many fires have been prevented since the concept began because of less junk on our properties.

It is fun to watch people drive up to your junk pile and see if there?s anything they want or need. ?One man?s junk is another man?s treasure? couldn?t be more true.

I have heard of people furnishing their house or apartment during this week.


I?ve always thought of myself as a very observant person, but I failed at this miserably however long it took Cooperative Grain & Supply to paint its elevator.

It is a great improvement to the look of the town and will make a nice impression on future visitors as well as those of us who live here full time.


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