County should use leadership

The “Code of Ethical Conduct for County Commissioners” on the Marion County website states (in six parts) their guidelines:

“A county commissioner should actively practice stewardship of the county’s human, fiscal and material resources.”

Another point states, in part, “respect for others…”

After reading the July 8 Free Press article, it appears that the watered down COVID-19 “recommendation” concerning mask-wearing violates both the stewardship and the respect aspects of their duties.

Not even a “strong recommendation” could get passed on July 2. Disrespecting the health and general welfare of the citizenry appears to not go far enough, but, by reference the severe disrespect to our Governor”, stands out as a major disgrace.

Interestingly, the statement “multiple times” of Dianne Novak to “never” consider wearing a mask reminds me of the sadness of our President’s performance for the last five months. Along with the

fact that twice he claimed the virus would “go away like a miracle”, he also said, “99 percent of cases are not serious.” Personally, I would call death serious. Math Lesson: Deaths divided by cases gives us an over 4 percent USA death rate. Perhaps the POTUS believes that the three percent don’t count and that only the one percent represents “serious cases.” Who knows? No info on that from Washington.

Novak has some “good” company there.

Please note that the Kansas Constitution allows for the removal of commissioners. If anyone cares to try, see Section 9, Paragraph 8 and the appropriate statutes.

Randy C. Hamilton

Rural Canton

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