Thurston reflects, talks about future projects

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since my first Mayoral campaign. The time has certainly flown by and a lot has happened in Hillsboro since then. I wanted to let you know that I have signed up to run again for the office of Mayor of Hillsboro, KS, and my name will be on the ballot in 2019.

One of the things I have realized since becoming Mayor is that progress and growth take time, especially in the public sector. While that has been frustrating at times, I have learned to be more patient and persistent. Anyway, taking the necessary time to ensure that we spend your money wisely is not a bad thing.

There are several projects that we have started that will not be completed in my first term that I would like to see through;

– The Hillsboro Community Plaza

– The Hospital Hike/Bike Trail

– Street & infrastructure improvements

– High-speed fiber optic internet service to all Hillsboro residents

My campaign platform will remain as before; (1) Responsible economic development, (2) Maintain & enhance our essential services, (3) Ensure Hillsboro is an affordable and family-friendly place to live and finally (and maybe most importantly) (4) Work collaboratively with our citizens, businesses, schools, county & state governments.

I look forward to your continued support and with you, continuing to grow Hillsboro together!

Wind farming

Wind farms and proposed wind farm projects are taking up a lot of time and focus at Marion County Commission meetings of late. There is no doubt that people are very passionate about this issue on both sides. We have had representatives opposing new wind farm projects attend a recent city council meeting, and I personally have been approached by several people on the subject.

The reason that I bring this up now is to make it clear to all that the City of Hillsboro is taking no position on this issue. At this point, it does not impact anything within the city limits of Hillsboro.

No, this is a county issue and will be worked out at the county level. I do encourage everyone involved to keep their discourse civil and to consider ways where compromise and collaboration can be utilized to benefit both sides.

Trash updates

Look for new trash and recycling bins to start being delivered next week (the week of May 6). The tentative start date for the new trash and recycling service is the week of May 20. We are excited to have been able to hire an experienced operator for our truck.

You will be pleased to know that the City of Hillsboro and USD410 have collaborated to use the High School’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software program to help us plan for the most efficient routing of the truck. A big thank you to Scott O’Hare and his students for the help!

We will be planning a ribbon cutting/inauguration ceremony for the new service, so stay tuned for more information on that.

Water wrap-up

We’re wrapping it up! Finally, after months of dealing with bad weather and some unforeseen issues, we are getting our water line improvement project wrapped up. All the pipe is laid, valves in and the new electronic water meters are in place. All that is left is to finish fixing the street issues, repair/reseed lawns and some work around the big water tower. It was a big project, but our water delivery system is much improved because of it.

A big thank-you to all the contractor and city crews and most importantly to all the property owners for putting up with the mess during this time.

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