Remembering one of Hillsboro’s best

Hillsboro lost a quiet leader last week. Carol Elaine Wiebe passed away Tuesday, May 7. Every community needs leaders like Carol. She was a doer, not a talker. Her son Warran said of her; “Mom always told us if we would just do it, instead of talking about doing it, we could be done already.” For her the focus was never to be on Carol, it was always to be on the things she felt were the most important; her God, her family and her community.

Carol worked tirelessly in support not just of Hillsboro but also supporting Marion County, the State of Kansas and the United States of America. She was involved in politics at the local, state and national levels (she was involved in Bob Dole’s campaigns for the US Senate and the Presidency).

Carol was Hillsboro’s Economic Development Director for over 20 years (1981 – 2002), supporting the business development in our community. She was also one of the founding members of the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair. A woman of extreme talents combined with a passion for service to others.

In her “retirement” years, she continued to support Hillsboro, always attending community events and helping where she could. She was also my next door neighbor and we couldn’t have had a better one. We will miss her a lot, but will always be appreciative of the work she did for us all. She truly exemplified “Growing Hillsboro Together”.

Now, that Carol has gone “Home”, who will honor her legacy by picking up the torch for Hillsboro and helping carry it forward? Her example of leadership is for all of us. We need “doers” now more than ever! We need people that can get things done for Hillsboro. I challenge everyone to think about how you too can step up, follow in Carol’s footsteps and help make Hillsboro the best it can be!

Thank you, Carol, God bless and keep you!

The polycarts are coming!

The polycarts are coming, the polycarts are coming! Starting this Monday, the new polycarts are being delivered. Dale Dalke is following the trash crew on their regular routes this week, delivering the new polycarts and picking up the old ones as they go. Look for the new truck to start picking up and dumping the new carts next week!

We “smoked” it

Thanks to all that helped make Hillsboro’s First Annual Prairie Smokin’ Festival a great success! We had 10 teams cooking and were able to feed about 430 hungry folks before the BBQ ran out. I had an opportunity to talk to most of the competitors and they all said they were looking forward to coming back next year!

There are several people I would like to recognize, that without them the event would not have happened. Firstly I would like to thank Troy Tate and Craig Leppke. They approached me in the fall of 2018 with the original concept. We met, bringing Anthony Roy, Hillsboro Economic Director and Steve Fast, Hillsboro Museums Director into the conversation and quickly realized that this could be more than just a BBQ contest, but a way to bring a new festival to Hillsboro, bringing people to town and showcasing our community. I think we accomplished that. Thanks to Anthony and Steve for their tireless work to help pull this successful event together!

I would also like to thank all the sponsors of the event. A lot of money was raised to feed hungry children in Hillsboro and Marion County. Without your support, we would not have been able to put this event together.

If you have feedback regarding the event, please let us know. We are going to do it again next year and we want it to be bigger and even better. See you at Prairie Smokin’ 2020!

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