It’s been a long winter…

I don’t know about you, but I’m about done with Old Man Winter! It seems we have had more than our share of ice & snow this season. I know it has kept our city crews busy with keeping intersections treated and the cold temps have caused our share of water line breaks.

It has also slowed down our water improvement project that is trying to get finished up on the west side of town. While snow is again predicted for this Tuesday, we know that spring is coming.

A couple of things to say about slick roads. My granddaughter was involved in an accident involving slick roads. Please, drive slowly, reduce travel if possible and where you can, stay on the major highways where they have been treated with salt or chemical. Also, BUCKLE UP! Seat belts are the law, but they can also save your life. Please “CLICK IT”. Safety on the roads is something we all need to keep in mind this winter!

Recycling Presentations

I got a chance to attend presentations on a new recycling program that is being sponsored by Hefty bags. It is called “The Orange Bag Program”. Students in Mrs. Bartel’s seventh grade science class at Hillsboro Middle School presented the program to me and Mr. Heinrichs, USD 410 Superintendent.

The program is in place currently in 3 US locations; Boise, ID, Cobb County, GA and Omaha, NE. The program is this; any “non-recyclable” plastics and things like Styrofoam food containers, candy and energy bar wrappers, etc. are put in “orange bags” manufactured by Hefty Corporation. Consumers purchase the bags and put the identified “non-recyclable” items in the bag and put the bag in with their other recyclables. The cities/counties then sort out those items that are then sent to facilities that are able to use the material as fuel for electric generation.

I have to tell you that the students did a great job of putting their presentations together and delivering them. I left the school extremely proud of and encouraged by our USD 410 students! Their ability to articulate the problem and the research they did regarding the solution makes me feel a lot better about our future. Hillsboro is very fortunate to have excellent teachers as well. Mrs. Bartel was as enthusiastic as the kids about recycling and their combined enthusiasm was a pleasure to experience. Well done Mrs. Bartel and students!


Speaking of recycling, our City curbside recycling program is on target to go online in April. We anticipate delivery of our truck and bins in March. We will need a week or two of training and should then be ready to go.

At this week’s council meeting we will be hearing an update from our engineering firm EBH Engineers regarding our next street improvement projects. Stay tuned for an update on that in my next City Watch.

Prairie Smokin’?

What, is there a fire somewhere?? No! We will be hosting Hillsboro’s first Prairie Smokin’ BBQ Competition on May 3-4 at the Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. There will be additional events at our Museum Complex as well. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new event!

In the meantime, stay warm and STAY SAFE!