It was a great homecoming weekend

An excellent weekend was on tap for Tabor’s 2018 Homecoming celebration. Beautiful weather, a big win on the football field, a fabulous production of My Fair Lady and all held on a gorgeous campus… congratulations to all at Tabor for a great homecoming. A lot of work went into it and I want to personally thank all of you that were involved. It not only showcases Tabor College, but the city of Hillsboro as well. Great job!

Coming Home

Speaking of “homecoming”, we are working hard to make Hillsboro a place for people to “come home” to and call home. Right now we don’t have a “jobs” problem, we have a “people” problem. Every week there are many local jobs listed in the paper, and we hear of more companies wanting to expand in our market area (think Pfizer in McPherson as an example).

Where are the people that these jobs need going to come from? Where are they going to live? Why not Hillsboro?

What is it going to take to get more people to call Hillsboro home? Is it housing? Is it great schools? Is it amenities like; high-speed internet, hike-bike trails, green spaces, restaurants and festivals/events? I think the answer is YES to all these things.

There are trends that suggest millennials are moving back to rural areas.

Healthy lifestyles, safe places, great educational opportunities and affordable living are all reasons given that support this trend. How are we positioned to take advantage of this?

City government’s place in this is to do what we can to make Hillsboro an affordable and family friendly place to live. To help provide responsible economic development tools, to maintain and enhance our infrastructure, to insure that we make fair and sensible decisions regarding our tax dollars and yes, to work collaboratively with our partners (citizens, businesses, schools, county and state government) to insure that we are “Growing Hillsboro Together”.

There is a role however, that you can play in this. You can become a Hillsboro promoter. You can welcome visitors to Hillsboro with a smile, you can shop locally whenever you can, and you can talk Hillsboro up to others when you are outside the city limits. I know that for many of us, our heritage calls us to be “humble”, to be modest and not to “brag”. But hey, if we think Hillsboro is a great place to call home, maybe others would too!

So, let’s talk it up, let’s roll up our sleeves and figure it out. We need more people to call Hillsboro home. If you have ideas for a Hillsboro “Homecoming” strategy I would love to hear them. Let me know. Let’s not keep a good thing to ourselves!

Let’s get out the vote!

Yes, the General Election is right around the corner. Early voting will be starting soon. There are a lot of important races and items on the ballot that will directly impact us at the local, state and national level. I can’t urge you strongly enough to exercise your civic responsibility and vote.

One initiative that I believe is worth your consideration is the 5-member County Commission. Expanding the commission will give us the opportunity for greater representation and more citizen input. I believe that it could also lead to a more “civil” environment than we have seen of late. I would love to see us combine this expanded commission with a professional County Manager to help us run our County affairs more efficiently as well.

In the meantime, let’s all do our duty and VOTE on November 6th!