Getting excited about upcoming fall season

I’m getting very excited about the upcoming Hillsboro High / Middle School Trojans fall athletic programs. I have two grandchildren involved, one playing High School Volleyball and the other playing Middle School Football. I can’t wait to watch them compete. Which brings me to the topic of this week’s City Watch; Are we “all in”?

This is the theme of the Trojan Middle School Football season this year; “We’re All In”! A great rallying cry to the young men getting ready to compete on the gridiron this fall. Their theme has made me think; how do we, the citizens of Hillsboro, feel about our town? Are we “All In”? If we not then I would suggest that we certainly should be.

Too often it seems we’re either too humble or too negative about our community. Why is that? Why don’t we think of Hillsboro as the best small town in Marion County, in the state of Kansas, and heck, while we’re thinking about it, the best town in the USA? We live here right? I am pretty sure none of us are forced to live here… so that said, why is it so hard for us to brag a little bit?

I tend to hear about the problems our city has (and yes, we have them, but here’s a news flash, so does every other place in this country). Let’s just stop for just a moment and instead go over some of the great things about our community;

◼ This is a community that cares. 1,000 people were recently served at a benefit dinner for a family in need. 100’s of people have come out to lay bricks on the Grand Street rebuild (and on some very hot days!). Support of many kinds is given when people in the community need it.

◼ This is a clean community. Yes I said clean. Compare our town to many others you could visit. Yes, we have areas that could be cleaner, but overall people keep their property neat and clean.

◼ We are a safe community. We are not without crime, but citizens can walk the streets safely and our children can be out in the community with their friends.

We have excellent Police and Fire Departments with trained professionals who are also our neighbors and friends.

◼ We have excellent schools. USD410, Tabor College and Hutchinson Community College offer excellent educational and technical programming that provide our students with opportunities that are second to none.

◼ We have great healthcare options. We have a new hospital (and yes, we are keeping our hospital, period!), we have Doctors, Dentists, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Lab Techs and Physical Therapists who are dedicated and caring.

◼ We have awesome senior care. From our Senior Center to Meals on Wheels, to Parkside and Salem Homes, we have great options for seniors in Hillsboro. I can tell you from personal experience that our nursing homes operate at a level that makes you feel good about the care your parent or grandparent is receiving.

◼ We have a ton of recreational opportunities in Hillsboro. From the new Disc Golf Course to the coming Hike/Bike Trail, our tennis courts, our ball fields, our basketball courts, our superb recreational programming, Hillsboro offers opportunities that many communities our size do not. Year-round, you can be active and healthy in Hillsboro.

◼ We have great infrastructure in Hillsboro. Our streets, our electric, water and sewer departments deliver the things we need to live well in Hillsboro. Soon to be added to Hillsboro’s infrastructure will be fiber to the home, high-speed internet service.

A lot of good stuff, right? Stuff that others want, they just need to know about it. I can assure you, word-of-mouth advertising and personal testimonials are the best kind of advertising. So don’t be afraid to brag once in a while (or a lot for that matter).

People want to play on a winning team. They also want to live in the best community and they want to feel great about their town, so like the Trojan Middle School Football Team, let’s be ALL IN for Hillsboro!

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