County youth put entrepreneurship skills to the test

The 4th Annual Marion County Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge was held this month in Marion. We had five teams from Hillsboro High School and 1 team from

Marion High School complete. We have a very robust Entrepreneurship program at USD 410, and I especially appreciate the efforts of our business instructor Nathan Hiebert, for his work with this program. Mr. Hiebert has always had multiple student businesses represented and they have consistently placed in the top positions in the competition since its inception.

I would like to brag just a little bit as Hillsboro students took the first two spots in the competition. Jessi Dalke and her photography business took 1 st Place and “snapped” up $1,000. The Venus Products team (Dani Klein, Kinsey Kleiner and Tuesday Weisbeck) took second with their line of bath bombs and “cleaned up” with a $600 award. (Full disclosure – Tuesday Weisbeck is my granddaughter and I couldn’t be more proud of her!). Jarod Rahe of Marion took the 3 rd place spot along with $400.

I would also like to thank Anthony Roy, Hillsboro Economic Development Director, Randy Collett, Marion Economic Development Director and Ciara Thyfault of NetWork Kansas for their sponsorship and putting on this event every year.

Our students need to know that entrepreneurship starts with an idea, then a business plan and then a lot of hard work to make a business run successfully. Our school system is delivering on those concepts with a solid and practical program.

Thanks to all involved! These students represent Hillsboro’s next generation of business owners.

I am excited to see what the future holds for these talented students.

Legislative Update

Saturday morning State Senator Rick Wilborn of McPherson and State Representative Steven Owen of Hesston came to Hillsboro for a coffee, donuts and some updates on legislative action in Topeka.

They also listened to a small, but interested group of local citizens ask questions and make comments on what is going on in our state government. It was a very informal and informative hour and a half of two-way communication, something I feel we need to have happen frequently if we truly want to address the issues facing our communities, counties and state.

I was particularly pleased to hear that there has been bi-partisan action taken in this legislative session and that both parties can find common ground and come together for the betterment of all Kansans. Compromise and collaboration are not four-letter words (count the letters if you don’t believe me). I believe they represent politics at its best. It’s also important, I believe, for us to realize that our duties as citizens don’t end when we mark our ballot in the voting booth.

We need to interact with our leaders, let them know how we feel about things that are important to us.

Communication is a two-way street and we all need to do our part. I really appreciate hearing from you about things that affect Hillsboro.

The only thing I ever ask is that you let me know who you are. I’ve had some “anonymous” communication lately that I had to put in the circular file as there was no way to communicate with the sender. If it’s important enough to let me know, then it’s important enough for me to contact you directly to follow up.

We’re almost there!

The trash and recycling bins are here! They have been delivered and City crews are in the process of putting the lids and wheels on them. We have heard from our supplier on the truck and are told that we should be seeing it the first week of April. Stay tuned, curbside recycling is almost here!


Spring will officially be here this week and if the last few days are any indication, it’s actually starting to feel like it, so… let’s all get outside and enjoy it!

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