Community has plenty to be thankful for

Hillsboro had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. We are an improving community; Streets – D Street repaving & updating, Water – Major water line replacements, repairs and updates, Trash & Recycling – our new trash truck is on order and we will be adding curbside recycling to our city services, Museums – repainting the Kreutziger School & repairs to the Schaeffler House and New Housing – the spec house and development in the Groves Addition.

We are also a caring community; Hillsboro Community Foundation raises funds to distribute to worthy causes throughout our community. I would like to take a quick moment to put in a plug here for “Giving Tuesday”, which happens next Tuesday, November 27th. This is a great time during this holiday season to support your community through your gifts of money and service. We also have a strong and vibrant faith-based community that provides worship opportunities and services to our citizens in need.

OK, I’m just going to say it; Hillsboro is a great place to live. We have great schools (USD 410, Tabor College and the Hutchinson Community College welding school) that provide not only quality educational opportunities, but top-flight cultural and athletic programs that contribute significantly to our community. We also have a great City Recreation program that provides recreational activities for all age groups.

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for, and you don’t have to look very far to see places that don’t have what Hillsboro has. This season, let’s not only be thankful for but maybe just a little proud too, of who we are and how far we’ve come. The good news is that our best days are yet to come!


Another thing that we should be thankful for are the people that are investing their time, talents and money in our community. Several local entrepreneurs that have new and growing businesses in Hillsboro recently attended “The New Rules of Business Success” 2-Day seminar held in the Marion Community Auditorium. The seminar was focused on creating a “destination” business and was sponsored by NetWork Kansas, Hillsboro Development Corporation (HDC) and Marion Economic Development Inc. (MEDI). Hosted by Anthony Roy, Hillsboro Economic Development Director and Randy Collett, Marion Economic Development Director, they had a total of twenty local businesses in Marion County represented with seven from Hillsboro, six from Peabody (together representing the Hillsboro eCommunity) and seven from Marion.

As a community, we should be very thankful and appreciative of the people and businesses represented here, as well as our economic development staff. They are working hard and investing in our future. Starting and managing a business in our community is a risk that most of us are either unwilling or unable to make. It takes courage, ingenuity and lots of “sweat equity” to make it go. I want to personally thank all those that both attended and hosted this event. These entrepreneurs are helping to fill gaps in our product and service offerings that will make Hillsboro even more attractive. Let’s join them, support them and “grow Hillsboro together”!

Christmas is coming!

The decorations are going up and the City of Hillsboro is getting ready for the Christmas season. In the spirit of the season, I would like to personally invite you to come downtown and join in our “Down Home Christmas”. Saturday, December 1st we will be celebrating in our downtown business corridor. There will be a variety of events (Check out the Chamber’s Facebook page for more info) concluding with a Tree Lighting / Dedication at 5:50 PM. Please join me in downtown Hillsboro for a very special Down Home Christmas, I look forward to seeing you there!