Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and with the gloom of the pandemic, it brings a time for celebration and an opportunity to breathe in positivity.

This month celebrates and recognizes the women who have shaped history, politics, entertainment and culture, as well as every other woman who has had a meaningful impact on anyone’s life as a mother, sister, friend, mentor and so many more.

As a female, it brings me joy to see other girls succeed, move into leadership roles and have this time and space to be acknowledged. There is still so much room to grow when it comes to gender equality, but women have made an abundance of progress just in my lifetime, and I can’t wait to see what the motivation and cleverness of my generation does to further close the gap.

The US not only has its first female vice president, but she is also a woman of color. This is an enormous step for women not only in America but around the world. Girls can look up to Kamala Harris, or even a great First Lady like Michelle Obama, and see that females can, and should, be great leaders.

I call myself a feminist, but a lot of people misconstrued what that means or don’t understand the term. I took a gender and women’s studies class last semester and built on my knowledge of what I already defined this word as.

Feminism is supporting equal rights and opportunities. Many think that being a feminist is being against men, or thinking women are superior, but this isn’t the case. It’s also not just for women. Anyone can be a feminist if they seek equality. Whether someone is masculine or feminine, has a lifestyle of politics or a stay-at-home parent- it doesn’t matter.

There are a variety of things you can do yet to celebrate Women’s History Month this year. Further educating yourself on women’s history and what is still separating women from equality is a great idea. There are infinite sources on topics ranging from the pay gap, violence against women, girls’ education, equality and double standards in the workplace and much more. Having a better understanding of what’s going on will help in solving the issues.

Thanking the women in your life for all they do for you, or telling them how they inspire you would show appreciation and recognition in your personal life. Supporting women-owned brands, or brands that support girls’ education, could be a switch to make next time you want a new t-shirt.

With endless ways to support and honor women this month, a time for celebration is encouraged.

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