Caring is hard to do and accept

We are seven weeks into Nancy?s broken arm now, and we have what I call BAF. Short for Broken Arm Fatigue.

We are hoping for some good news this week when we go for another x-ray. Most breaks are healed after about six weeks, but we were told it may be 8-10 weeks for this one.

There is only so much help you can give to one person and there is only so much help one can accept.


I don?t know if this kind of stuff happens to you, but recently I was driving down the road and reached for my clip-on sunglasses which attach magnetically to my prescription glasses frame.

Having a brief attack of butterfingers, I dropped the sunglasses beside the seat. When I reached down to pick them up I couldn?t feel them anywhere.

It bugged me the rest of the trip home. When I finally got back, I opened the driver?s door to pull them out and couldn?t even see them.

After retrieving my flashlight that would shine all the way to Wichita, I finally saw something shiny under the frame of the seat. But I couldn?t fit my hand or fingers to pull them out.

Finally, it took a pencil to snag them and get them to the point where I could reach in and pull them out. Seemed like it was harder than it should have been.


If you read the Free Press, and based on our audit we know almost nine of 10 do, you will have noticed the bold new hours at the Lumberyard.

And the bait machine that stands outside in front of their business.

Colby mentioned someone thought they should add fish to what is offered inside the machine so you could skip the fishing part and just take fish home.

Now that?s a fish tale if I ever heard one.


My dad was a fisherman who couldn?t take it if we got skunked on the lake. Especially in Minnesota.

One time we trolled this lake all day long and never got one fish. So on the way home we stopped at a fresh fish market and bought some walleye to take home and eat.


I have done more yard work in the past few days than I have done in the past 10 years combined. When there is weather such as we have had in Kansas for the past few days, and no wind to boot, you have to be crazy not to bask in it.

I hope I haven?t killed everything in our front yard because everything got a great big haircut.


I am writing this as I?wait for the start of the KU-WSU NCAA?tournament game. My bracket is so busted thus far that I won?t be winning anything. I picked Iowa State to make it to the finals and they went home the first day.


Another quote I like: ?Journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space? (Rebecca West).

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