Bring back the stool

? With the failure of the Brownback income tax cuts, it?s time to return to Kansas common sense.

Let?s be honest: Nobody likes to pay taxes. But responsible citizens will agree that reasonable taxation is the price citizens pay to access basic public services that contribute to our well-being and provide opportunities for all citizens to secure their essential needs, enhance their communities and pursue their dreams.

The Brownback tax cuts in 2012 were intended to stimulate sufficient economic growth to pay for the loss of revenue they would produce. Instead, the governor?s initiative has created a state budget crisis and underfunded services. We support Rep. Don Schroeder?s idea that the Legislature return to a reasonable approach to taxation referred to as the ?three-legged stool,? a revenue stream created with a comparable mix of income, property and sales taxes. It?s a time-tested and common-sense approach that has served Kansas well when we had reasonable leaders. ?DR

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