Book sale reveals a great find

If you missed the book sale at the Marion Pub?lic Library last week, I guess you missed it.

I found the official U.S. Olympic Com?mittee 1992 Barcelona photo book and three others for $1!

Why the interest in that particular book? Son Dan went to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona with my sister and her husband, so I thought it would be a great gift for his library.


We said farewell to Ray Abrahams last week. He passed away in late April. Ray and wife Sylvia were longtime friends of my parents, and Ray was just a prince of a guy. One of the most genuine guys I have ever known.

He was probably best known for his many classic and vintage automobiles, especially his 1932 Chevrolet Cabrolet. I once had the opportunity to own one of his cars?a 1965 Corvair convertible. I loved that car and wish I still had it.

Ray will be missed by fam?ily and all who knew him.


My dad has been gone for 25 years this month. It is hard to believe it has been that long. It didn?t seem fair at the time. He was a huge basketball fan and I just wish he could have seen Hillsboro win the state basketball tournament, which the Trojans won several times during the 1990s and even later. He would have loved that. And he never got to see an issue of the Free Press either.


I have become much more conscious of age as I get older. My age group matches the ages in the obits more frequently now.

I am hoping to make it to 2034, when Hillsboro will be 150 years old and I?ll be 88. Then my ?half as old as this town? slogan will still hold true as it does now.


One reason the state may be running low on money is that it took three weeks for the state treasurer to run my income tax check and my estimate through the bank this year.

If your business didn?t pay any income tax, raise your hand.


If you are looking for the Marion County Health Department, like I was last week, to deliver a Free Press, the actual address of 504 S. Roosevelt is misleading.

The entry door actually faces Maple Street. So if you are trying to get there, take Roosevelt to Maple, then turn east to find the front door.


Discovered a neat new service that the Hillsboro High School Entrepreneurship Class is offering. They will convert a VHS?tape to a DVD for only six bucks. Or, if you want to convert old photos to a digital photo they will also do that for 10 cents a piece. What a deal.

I looked into converting VHS?tapes to digital files myself, but didn?t want to get everything I would need to do it. This is a much better way and it doesn?t cost much at all.


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