Big things ahead for senior in high school

And just like that, a decade is over and a new one has begun. 2020 has finally arrived, and even though it is just another new year, the same as every other time the year changes, this one feels different. For me and my generation, this will be the decade that we grow up. The years that we go to college, find a career, get married, and start families. For others my age, this is the year that we graduate high school and leave childhood behind. It is beginning to get scary.

My senior year so far has been full of great memories, but plenty of anxiety as well. The process of applying to colleges, filling out scholarships, tackling the FAFSA only to not receive any money and the all-consuming wonder of “where am I going to go and how am I going to get there?” has put a weight on my shoulders. I know everyone makes it out perfectly fine, but I can’t help but wish I was better prepared for this, that I would have had more information on how to do all of these things. All of the classes I’ve taken in high school have taught me how to be organized, responsible, and how to problem-solve, but sometimes I wish we spent more time learning how to do taxes and less time solving for x.

I think that my generation is going to do big things in the decade ahead of us and that God has plans for us. I personally have been brought up in an environment that’s taught me I can do whatever I really want to do. I’ve been raised in a church that has helped me form a great relationship with Jesus, and what I as a Christian should be doing with my life. There are many daunting and bad things that could happen in the near future, especially to do with the very planet we live on, but I think people are going to be motivated by that and do something. I think that older generations tend to look down on us, say we spend too much time on our phones, say our ideas will not work, say our planet is fine and that we should stay in our place. I think that all of these frustrating things are going to fuel and drive my generation to fix things and to step up.

My generation has so much creativity that can be used in a lot of ways to do good things. There is so much creativity on the internet especially. From people writing blogs, to making tutorials on YouTube, to TikToks that just make you laugh and have a good time. I just recently made a TikTok with two of my best friends. It was stupid, but we had so much fun doing it that I don’t think we stopped laughing for 30 minutes. It’s okay to see someone laughing at their phone. Of course there are bad things that happen online and people can get in trouble or get hurt, but there is a lot of good that outweighs it. From my own experience, I’ve read many blogs and articles about feminism and body positivity and I’m taking all of these things in that young women need to hear and becoming a better person for it. There are websites that are devoted to raising money for animals, people, the environment, many run by people under the age of 30. As a young person wanting to become a writer, and with print moving to digital, I want to become the writer or media presence that some other young person can stumble upon and be inspired like I was. I want to write about my faith and make disciples for Jesus. I want to encourage women. I want to make people laugh and have a good time. And how can all of that happen? The easy access of the internet.

So as scared as I am of growing up and being shoved into the real world, I also have a lot of hope that good things are coming, and that the people around me can cause it.

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