Be sure to check your facts

I knew I should have checked with Brian Stucky to see if he was out of his ?Hal?lowed Hard?woods? books, which I mentioned in this column last week. I presumed they were out of print because of something I thought I heard seven years ago. As it turns out, books are still available at and on Amazon or at Brian?s house.

One is never too old to learn simple lessons about double-checking the facts instead of making assumptions.


Brian has written a letter to the editor in this week?s paper that describes his encounter with coaching legend Dean Smith prior to publishing the book. I find it extremely interesting how humble a man Smith was.


Speaking of sports books, our company just published and released a book on the football tradition of excellence at Andale High School after it won the Class 4A, Div. II, championship for the third time this past November.

The book is full of photos, stories from yesteryear and today, as well as stats from the beginning of stats being kept.

I am pretty sure I know how traditions are made. A school has some success, then the kids who follow that success are fearful of being the ones to lose, so they keep it going.

It?s kind of like KU winning 10 straight Big 12 basketball championships. This year?s team doesn?t want to be the ones who let it end.


We have quite an extensive list of TV shows that we record and watch if we can get to them.

We were watching one of those shows the other night, and Nancy said she thought the show had been canceled.

I said maybe we were the only ones who get to see it.


I had a strange occurrence during the night recently. I dreamed I was making deposits into my savings account and it was not a familiar bank.

I also had a jar of apple sauce that had just a little bit left at the bottom, and they gave me credit for a cent and a half for the apple sauce.

I don?t know how they came up with that value, but they drew a line on a piece of paper when they held it up to the jar and said they would add it to my account.


Hillsboro Community Foundation is one of the best things ever created for our town.

Last Friday night was the 10th annual awarding of grants to local entities who applied for, and were found worthy of, receiving money to fund worthy projects. In all, $16,900 in grant money was distributed.


Here?s another quote that I like: ?Our readers think?editors sit around all day?inserting errors into?the newspaper,?misspelling Aunt Tilly?s name?in her obituary and?writing fiction.? ?Ed Orloff

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