A most bizarre occurrence

Some?thing happened at our house last week that could rank as the most bizarre occurrence in our history.

My cell-phone charger cord was lying in the driveway and the plug was still in the car plugged into the auxillary power plug.

It?s a long cord, so what I think may have happened is that when I got out of the passenger side the other day I must have dragged the cord outside of the car with me when I got out.

Then the front wheel must have caught the cord and when it rolled over it, snapped it from the power plug inside the car and made a couple of revolutions on the wheel before dropping off in the driveway.

Being the frugal person I am, I am going to try to solder it back together. I have pried the plug apart and can see where the wires go. It is a printed circuit with some diodes and such on it. If I am lucky it will work again and no one will be the wiser.

I will back up my phone first in case the dumb thing fries it. I?m ready for a new phone anyway.


I wanted to share more of the events from last week?s trip home from Bend, Ore., through Denver, then Hous?ton and back to Wichita because everything was so small world.

As the group bound for Wichita was sitting at the Houston gate, we started visiting. Soon I learned that the woman sitting across from me, and her husband, were from Fresno. They were bound for Kiowa to see their daughter and a grandson they had never seen. Their daughter-in-law, who lives in the Fresno area, had grandparents from Hillsboro. The other woman in our little group was from western Kansas and had attended Bethel College. Her parents were friends with Ray and Betty Funk and Irv and Mildred Schroeder. She recalled bowling after hours at the Trail Lanes Bowling alley when she was a kid.


Not everyone who receives the Free Press receives the student publication, Hillsboro High School Oracle, as an insert.

I read the latest issue cover to cover and found it to be a very good read. The articles were insightful and well written.

If you don?t live in Hills?boro, Lehigh or Durham, here is a link to a digital version of the most recent Oracle: http://pages.hillsborofreepress.com/docs/Oracle-2015-summer.pdf


The most interesting article, in my view, was written by Darcy Heinrichs. It states that students say activities are not supported equally. Sports get most of the support and the other activities line up behind them.

I think it has always been this way, even in our day, but now there are so many more activities that everything is spread thin. Everyone knows that sports get way more attention than any other activities on all levels, including the pros.

It would be nice if the attention would even out, but I wouldn?t count on it happening anytime soon.


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