A helpful TV tip for old ears

Let me tell you one of the best tips for watch?ing TV I have ever heard?since I am older now and don?t hear as well as I did. Must be from that loud music I listened to as a kid?such as ?Melvin Laid an Egg,? by Blood Rock. Search it on YouTube and you?ll know why.

Back to the topic. We have found that when watching TV and you can?t understand what they are saying, the best strategy is to turn on closed captioning. Most everything we watch is recorded so we can go back in time and play the scene over and over to try to determine what was said. And if that is not possible, then we back it up, turn on the captioning and find out for sure what was said.

The other night I thought I heard ?diapers? and the phrase was really ?die in prison.? I can?t explain this.

Or if you are watching Palladia and can?t get the lyrics, the closed captioning does the trick every time.


I am pretty sure I have watched all 49 Super Bowls. This last one might have had the most exciting finish ever.

Actually, it did have the most exciting finish in memory, because I really can?t remember much about any of the previous ones.

You can second-guess the play call by the Seahawks every day for the rest of your life, but it made perfect sense to me. What is to say that Lynch wouldn?t have fumbled, or even lost yards, if they had handed it to him. I have seen that happen in other games.


This past Wednesday after work we literally hit a bump in the road when Nancy tripped over a piece of rebar that was sticking out of the street right near where she parks for work.

Since she was carrying items in both hands she fell behind the car and tried to stop her fall. I had just gotten home when I got a call from Joey Young, who saw her on the ground, and said, ?You need to get down here.?

I quickly drove back to town. By then she was sitting in the passenger side of the car holding her left arm (she is left-handed) and told me the arm was broken.

X-rays at the ER in Hillsboro Community Hospital confirmed it was badly broken between her shoulder and elbow.

We were there for more than four hours. I can tell you the HCH staff is very caring and professional in every way. I am so glad we have our hospital.

The ER nurse there spent a lot of time in the Wesley Hospital emergency room. She said she has seen everything, and it was obvious she was a pro at handling about anything.

The break was such that the medical staff decided we should go on to somewhere where they were better equipped to handle the problem.

So the next day we got in with the orthopedic department at Newton Medical Center and had it splinted again, even though Hillsboro had done an excellent job of putting it back where it needed to be.

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