A few prediction for the upcoming year

Attention, everyone! Big predictions for 2020 follow! Drop what you are doing! Read this! I’m using exclamation points!

  1. Harbor Freight will have a sale this year, probably at least 20-percent off any one item. Whatever you do, don’t pay full price for anything.
  2. Donald Trump supporters will continue to support him. No matter what he does. No matter what he says. No matter what you tell them. Save your breath. Vote in 2020.
  3. Disc golf will continue to expand in popularity, just as my collection of discs will continue to grow.
  4. People will still insist on making J-turns, even though they are supposed to be illegal, especially downtown where double yellow lines are painted down the center.
  5. Residents will keep stacking trash outside and on top of their official carts, despite the fact that the truck operator can’t pick up bags…or branches…or couches.
  6. There will be pond-filling rains at some point this year. If not, maybe the campgrounds at Marion Lake will actually be open in 2020.
  7. Insurance companies will make the best commercials on TV this year, just as they did last year. I don’t know what their messages have to do with buying protection, but they are entertaining.
  8. I will continue to dislike bread heels, wet toilet seats and people who disregard signs and insist on riding skateboards and bikes on the tennis courts anyway.
  9. Teaching vacancies will expand exponentially in the next 10 years as more of us approach retirement age. Feel free to blame Sam Brownback, former Kansas governor, for discouraging young people from becoming educators.
  10. Unfortunately, the Kansas City Royals will not be much better this year. We can, of course, travel to Wichita to watch the Wind Surge, the team with possibly the worst mascot name since the Fighting Okra of Delta State University.
  11. Your taxes will be due in April, probably about the 15th. This year, it’s on a Wednesday, so no grace period. By the way, if you don’t owe any money, there is no penalty for not filing since all charges are based on what was underpaid. But, after three years, the IRS won’t refund anything the government owes you.
  12. Just OK will still not be OK. And, most of us will continue to pay too much for phone service.
  13. The rich will get richer. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, increased his net worth from $12.3 billion in 2010 to $111.5 billion by the end of the decade. Many billionaires agree that something needs to be done about the wealth gap in America.
  14. We are already doing the work formerly done by clerks at Walmart in checking ourselves out at the registers. It is not much of a stretch to believe that by the end of the decade we also will be wearing blue vests and Khakis and restocking shelves as well.
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