A chance to relive past fun

It?s not too often that you get to go back in time. Everyone is always moving forward, and the past moves into the rearview mirror quicker than anyone ever expects, so going back isn’t in the cards.

While we didn’t hop into a Delorean, and I am pretty sure we didn’t get up to 88 miles-per-hour, two of my best friends and former roommates packed into a car and drove six hours south to Dallas for another friend’s wedding last week.

Our lives are different than they were when we lived in the house we all roomed together in. We are several years older, one has children, the other has three dogs and is happily married to another friend of ours, and I am now happily married and stay busy with this newspaper company.

We don’t all work at Applebee’s, stay up ?til 3 or 4 a.m. and gallivant all around town without a care in the world anymore.

Typically, when we all hang out, our wives come, sometimes the kids, and we typically have a larger group. It’s always fun but never quite the same as when we were all younger?you get the picture.

I honestly can’t remember the last time the three of us hung out together, and we were preparing for a five-day journey, all sharing a suite hotel room, and hours away from our normal responsibilities.

We rehashed stories, created new ones, and generally had a pretty great time. We all had a short moment of realization two days into the excursion, though: when will we get a chance to do this again? It’s like it was eight to 10 years ago again.

None of us had any idea when our next blast into the past would occur, but it certainly had me trying to get the most out of the weekend as possible.

There was a bachelor party, our friend got married, seems very happy, and we left very excited for their future together.

The next day, we packed our bags and headed north. The weekend was over, minus a short delay in Norman to watch the Chiefs dismantle the Rams.

We all had a great time, and I was very happy I took the time from my busy schedule to make sure it happened.

The moral of the story is: take time to enjoy life, great friends, and sometimes go back in time.

It’s worth it to relive those times, see friends, and make new memories. Things get busy, but don’t forget to live and enjoy those people who helped shape who you are today.

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