Young person dies in tragic truck accident in Hillsboro

For many in Hillsboro, Thursday, June 25, 2020, has become one of those moments that will always stand out in their minds. The day that they will always remember what they were doing when they heard—the news that a child had been killed at the four-way stop at Ash and D.

For many, it was because they worried that it might be their child or someone that they knew. And for others, it is the moment that their lives changed because they witnessed the accident or their loved one was lost in it.

For James Wullenweber IV and Mia Straub, they remember it as the afternoon that their boy (James’ son and Mia’s stepson) Trevor Dayton Adams Wullenweber excitedly headed to his girlfriend Maria’s house on his bike.

But they soon received a call letting them know that Trevor did not make it to his girlfriend’s house. He was killed while attempting to cross at the four-way stop at the intersection of Ash and D Street.

Trevor stopped at the four-way stop, as did the driver of a truck carrying in wheat that it was taking to the grain elevator. According to a press release from the Kansas Highway Patrol and eyewitnesses, both thought each was waiting for the other to go. Both then began to proceed and the truck tire then caught the bike and Wullenweber into its path. The 13-year-old was killed immediately.

One witness called and spoke with the Free Press on Monday (she wished to remain anonymous since many in the community have already been calling her for details that are traumatic for her to relive) and stated, “People keep saying that the truck driver hit him and this is not true. My husband and I both witnessed it very closely and both had stopped. The bike got caught into the tire. The truck driver did not hit him.

This matched the testimony of another eyewitness who also wished to remain nameless and was still very traumatized from all she had witnessed.

According to his stepmom Mia, Wullenweber was a handsome, outgoing 13-year-old young man. The boy attended middle school in Junction City, but enjoyed summers in Hillsboro with his dad and stepmom.

He had an avid love for Pokemon and WWE. He also loved Fortnite. He was born March 5, 2007, to James Wullebweber and his mother Amy Adams-Estrada. When I got with James, Trevor was 5 years old. He loved everyone and anything. He would be shy at first but then just started dancing. He loved singing, baseball and spending time with me and his father. He loved all his cousins,” said Straub. “He loved his 15-year-old brother Trenton and 8-year-old sister Isabella.” 

There has been much speculation and gossip about how the accident happened and what should have been done differently to avoid the outcome. This has been very difficult for the family to hear and to read on various Facebook posts.

We would like for people to stop blaming our son for not wearing a helmet. What 13-year-old boy does wear a helmet? I know there are some that do but not all of them. We would like people to stop blaming the truck driver. It was a freak accident. We are not blaming him at all. He’s going through so much as we are,” said Straub.

The insurance company of the driver has paid for the cremation and all other costs for the family.

For those asking for ways to help the family, sympathy cards and such will be accepted at Sonic Drive-In and given to the family. Please stay in your vehicle and mention your card at your stall.

Monetary donations are not needed but if you still feel compelled, cash donations can also be brought to Sonic. Please put the money in an envelope with “Wullenweber Family” on the outside.

All are invited to join the family at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30 for a candlelight vigil to remember and honor Trevor’s life. Location is at Jost Service located on the corner of Ash and D street. A live stream will also be available for those who cannot attend.

We would like people to show up on Tuesday. We don’t want any negative things said about our child or the driver. He was sadly taken from this world on June 25, 2020. His family would like to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers,” said Straub, on behalf of the family. “He was a great kid who loved his animals. He loved his turtles and his dogs. He loved hanging out with his cousins and his girlfriend Maria. We already miss him.”