USD 410 to survey patrons regarding school facility needs

USD 410 Durham-Hillsboro-Lehigh plans to survey district patrons regarding their perceptions of the district’s school facilities. The Board of Education is considering needed facility improvements in the district and a potential “no tax increase” bond election to finance those improvements. A “no tax increase” bond would be possible by paying off the current school bond and issuing a new school bond.

The district believes approximately $14 million could be raised for needed projects in the district with no tax increase to patrons. Superintendent Clint Corby says the district intends to consider only those projects that could be financed without a tax increase. The survey, therefore, will be extremely valuable as the district establishes priorities for maintenance and other possible projects that would benefit students.

The survey will ask patrons’ opinions regarding several specific facility projects as well as their opinion of the condition of various district facilities.

The survey will open on May 9 and will be available in both an online and paper-pencil format.

Registered voters will receive a copy of the survey by mail on or around May 10; however, respondents are encouraged to use the online survey link rather than using the paper-pencil form if possible. The paper-pencil form has been provided for those patrons who do not have access to the internet or are not comfortable with completing a survey online. Paper-pencil survey responses will have to be processed manually by district staff so results can be tabulated, so completing the survey on-line to avoid this extra step is appreciated. All patrons, including those who are not registered voters, can provide their input through the online survey link. Each person of voting age should complete his/her own survey.

Survey results will be presented at the June 12 meeting of the USD 410 Board of Education. The full report will also be available on the district website after that date.

The survey will open on May 9. Surveys should be completed online or returned by May 19. Patrons completing a paper-pencil form of the survey can return them by mail to the district office at 416 S. Date, Hillsboro, Kansas 67063 or drop them off in person at any school or the district office. Patrons should complete the survey only once.

The survey can be accessed at

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