USD 410 provides answers for school

Editor’s note. This is the second part of the USD 410 administrator’s answers to the commonly asked questions that they have been getting. We ran the first part last week. You can find both parts on our website and all of these answers and more can be found on the school website or you can call the school or district office and ask.



If students arrive before 7:45 they will report to a gym. High School will report to the Middle School gym. Middle School will report to Robert C. Brown gym. Grade levels will be assigned to one area of the gym where social distancing will be enforced.

There will be three different doors to come in. The front doors will have two lines. The thermometers can take many students quickly.

“Students pictures are loaded to it so it will know whose temperature it is taking. It will turn green if 100.4 or below and red is 100.5 or above. A person will be standing there monitoring it to make sure those with temperatures go home,” said Corby.


Students will have color-coded paths to follow.

Kids will have four different door to go into based on grade levels in order to space out the numbers going through the doors. There will be temperatures taken near each entrance.

If arriving after 7:45 a.m., which is recommended, students will report to their classrooms.

If students arrive before 7:45 a.m. they will report to the gym and be socially distanced. Kindergarten and 1st-grade students will eat breakfast in the cafeteria, all other grades will have breakfast brought to their homerooms.


Doors will not be open until 7:30 a.m.

Seating arrangements

There will be assigned seating in all classes in order to make contact tracing easier. The seating arrangements may not be the same all year or all quarter even, but there will always be a assigned seating.



The district has purchased plexiglass for dividing tables. Six students will be able to sit at one table. Tables will be along the walls of the cafeteria as well as the middle, in the lobby and in the courtyard. The meals for high schoolers will be boxed so students can grab them and leave for home or other outside spaces if they would like.


Tables will be spaced out. Time will be spread out so kids will not be passing each other as they are coming and going. Two classes will be in there at a time but it will be a small class paired with a larger class.

Second through fifth grade will eat breakfast in their classroom and kindergarten and first grade will eat in the cafeteria.


There will be two different options—cold lunch or warm lunch as well as some Ala cart. Students will need to give counts the day before so the boxes can be prepared.



Large group choir will be out side as much as possible. When it can’t be due to weather, it will be in the auditorium with special singing masks that the school will provide and keep on site.

“At this point we are not necessarily preparing for concerts since that is a whole different thing. We are having choir for the sake of having an outlet and to sing and be a part of something. That’s not to say that down the line that’s not feasible but not for now,” said Corby.

They are pursuing plans to record the singing as well as a Musical so that fans can still enjoy it. More information will be made available once it is available.

“We are trying to have cameras to have some ways to stream events and sports and if we can’t stream them at least record them and have them available,” said Activities Director Robert Rempel.


“Mrs. Siebert wants to go outside as much as possible. And they will be doing a lot as well as singing,” said Yoder.


“I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what is going to cause a game or something to get canceled. That is going to be a lot of people sharing a lot of truthful information. It means each school knowing a case, sharing, tracing and doing all that they are supposed to do. It’s really up to if a team has all their players available to play,” said Rempel.

The administrators stated they would check with Serene to make sure the counties opposing teams are coming from will be safe to play.A lot of the season is out of their plans as no one knows what will happen with cases.

“Another question I get a lot is about fan attendance. Expect limitations to be there. We haven’t set anything for yet for sure. And the most limited will be inside. The maximum number will be 25 percent of our capacity. That is maximum. I don’t even expect that. There will be adjustments,” said Rempel. “Our focus is to allow students to participate and to keep fans and students safe,” said Corby.

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