Thoughtful citizens put out fire

Cami Scott of Hutchinson was driving to her job at Parkside Homes in Hillsboro where she works as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant on Friday around 9:30 a.m. when she noticed a fire on the side of the road. She was west of Hillsboro on Highway 56 at Diamond Road.

“I did not get a picture of the fire and the smoke crossing the highway, but it was enough when you drove through that it blocked vision for a little second there,” said Scott.

She pulled over after passing it and called 911. Scott then turned around and pulled to the side of the road while another truck also pulled over.

“I hollered across the road ‘I think we could put this out. I have a blanket.’ He said ‘I don’t have anything, but I think we can’,” said Scott.

She said that the gentleman stomped on the fire with his shoe while she also stomped on it and used her kid’s fleece blanket to start putting the fire out.

“We got the fire out and then two more gentlemen and a truck pulled up and brought shovels and were making sure it was out. Then we waited for Hillsboro Fire Department to come,” said Scott.

Scott said when she drove past the fire initially it was about three feet long and just on the edge of the grass, but it had already spread even after she pulled over and turned around right away.

“By the time we got back there and got it out it was at least four or five times bigger. Guys were saying with the amount of wind we have that could’ve really been a huge fire. And spread very fast,” said Scott.

Hillsboro Fire Department Chief Ben Steketee said, “When I arrived the fire was out. The burnt area was about the size of a parking space and there was a young lady there. She said that she and a few others stopped and put the fire out with her blanket that she had in her car and a couple of shovels that some of the others has with them. I thanked her and she went on her way. As soon as she left the Hillsboro fire trucks arrived and soaked the area down.”

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