The Goessel City Council told sewer project is moving forward

The Goessel city council met on November 18 and discussed the sewer project. Rose Mary Saunders of Ranson Citycode Financial is the grant administrator for the sewer project. She was at the meeting to answer questions related to the project and to speak with the council about finances. She said the council needed to approve a change order that includes the Fair Labor Standards Act stipulations. She explained that the change would not add anything to the cost of the project. According to Saunders’ recommendation, the council did approve the change order.

Saunders also spoke with the council about sewer project bills that need to be paid. The council approved payment of the bills.

Saunders told the council that a representative of BG Consultants, the engineering firm, thinks the sewer project can possibly be done by the end of February. However, it was also noted that the individual died who was planning to come soon to operate some equipment that requires special certification. He had not yet worked on the current project.

Saunders and public works director Karen Dalke told the council that all the repair points are finished. Some areas of the sewer line had to be dug up and replaced because damage to the line was severe enough to obstruct inserting a liner. These areas are all finished. Dalke told the council, “They are ready to start lining.”

Dalke said two manholes also need work, and that can get done in less than a day. 

Major Dave Schrag told the council that “KC Construction is working very well with BG,” referring to BG Consultants, the engineers. Dalke commented, “They seem reasonable to work with.” BG Consultants has an inspector on-site while the sewer work is in progress to make sure the work is done correctly. “Things are moving forward,” Schrag said. He also thanked Saunders for her work for the city, “We do appreciate what you’re doing for us.”

Turning their attention to another matter, the council spoke with Dustin Holt, salesman for FE Moran Security, a company from Hutchinson. The council discussed various options with Holt and unanimously decided on a five-year lease agreement with a service plan for security equipment. The cost will be $155 per month. Holt said that cost also includes training for use of the equipment. He said that after the five years are up, the city will have an option to upgrade the equipment.

Holt explained how the security system will work and the computer software that will be used. He said the installation work will take approximately two days.

In other business, the council:

* heard the police report from Anthony Voth. He reported that some small fires had been set in town.

* heard that the burn site is too dry to burn now.

* heard from Dalke that she will get an estimate for removing a dead tree at the city’s park.

* heard from city clerk Jennifer Whitehead that she is waiting for information on playground equipment for small children. When she receives that information, she will look for grants to help pay for that equipment.

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