Peabody teacher gets a perfect score on state licensing test

Maddie Weaver, a teacher at Peabody-Burns Elementary School and 2022 graduate of Tabor College earned a perfect score recently on one of the state licensing tests.

Every education major who plans to teach has to take the Praxis test after graduating from college in order to become licensed to teach in the state of Kansas. Maddie Weaver, 23, was no exception and she studied hard in order to pass the difficult test.

What Weaver did not know when she took the test in May was just how well she would do on the test. According to Tabor College, the school Weaver graduated from this past spring, out of over 3,406 test takers, she was one of just 18 throughout the country to earn a perfect score of 200 on part of the test. And she got earned a 199 on another.

“There are four parts of the content side for elementary teachers and the one I got a perfect score on was the social studies portion,” said Weaver. “I was really surprised as that is really uncommon. I had a great community of people I studied with so I knew I was prepared, but I didn’t think I would get a perfect score.”

Weaver took the test in May, but she had to wait until July to find out if she passed and could get her teacher’s license.

She began her first teaching job at Peabody-Burns Elementary School this year and she teaches Special Education for students in grades K-3 and grade 5.

While Weaver lives in Hillsboro, she feels like she has really been able to be a part of the Peabody community.

“I really, really love it. There is a great community of teachers at the elementary school and our administration is very supportive. That’s really nice to be surrounded by especially for your first year. They are people who want to help you and people who want to make you a part of their community,” said Weaver. “It also helps that my husband (Austin) is teaching there. Since we both have a passion for being there and being invested in our students, it makes it a lot easier to be involved in events in the community. We like to show our students that we care about them by showing up for the events and getting involved.”

Weaver credits her getting a high score to being in a community of friends in the education program at Tabor.

“We all really pushed each other to do well and study hard and it really helped me,” said Weaver. “I’m thankful that God was able to give me success in that exam and I was able to do well.”

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