Peabody-Burns seniors give back to the community


Two Peabody-Burns High School seniors, Jeremy Sears and Isaac Bayes, have been helping with military uniform displays for the Peabody Historical Society. Special displays of WWI uniforms were set up in the Library Museum and an assortment of other uniforms of other times are displayed in the Print Museum.

Bayes and Sears were part of the group that helped rake leaves in the community last fall. They had never been to the museum so on break they took a tour of the museum. They expressed a great interest in the POW display at the museum.

“I shared that we were going to be working on military uniform displays for our opening on Memorial Day Weekend,” said Marcia Sebree who works at the museum.

The young men volunteered to help, and they have been working on the display over the winter. It is now ready.

“They have been interested and added lots of info. Not only have the two senior boys worked on the display but senior and junior high classes have helped clean the buildings at the Museum Complex. The horticulture class planned and planted the Morgan House Garden, some of the choir students helped carry displays upstairs in the barn and several students have just helped out when needed. The students have not only increased the board’s enthusiasm but we hope we have shared what a great history Peabody has to share.”

Sebree knows what a difference it can make for youth when they they get invested in the community and spend time working with adults on projects because it happened to her.

She said, “When I was in high school, a friend and I were wasting a little time in Peabody until an activity started. Gwen Gaines was working at the museum and we decided to go in. Neither of us had been there. She took plenty of time to show us everything. The most interesting to me was the file cabinet full of old pictures. I was very interested in the contents and information. When my husband retired and we moved back to the area on of the things I wanted to do was be involved with the Historical Society.

Sebree hopes that Sears and Bayes or some of the other students holds the interest and continues to be involved.

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