New business in Hillsboro fills a hole on Main Street

Shannan Parsons makes customers drinks at Level Up Nutrition in Hillsboro last week. The smoothie and juice bar just opened up and will meet a need for those looking for more nutrition based drink options.
Shannan and Todd Parsons recently opened Level Up Nutrition in Hillsboro, a nutrition club that offers smoothies and teas that meet nutrition needs for weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain and more.

by Laura Fowler Paulus and Moriah Jost

With a new year here and a renewed focus on health, Todd and Shannan Parsons, a couple from McPherson, saw a need for a smoothie and juice bar in Marion County. The duo opened up Level Up Nutrition on Wednesday, Jan 25.

“Our goal is to help people of all ages get results,” said Shannan.

The couple has been on their own health journey and have found that that they “love helping others” with their own health journeys from weight loss to weight gain, muscle gain and more. Shannan has spent much of her time over the years caregiving and helping people and is now looking to do more of the same in this new venue.

They both previously worked at a nutrition club and decided they wanted to do their own thing. They knew they wanted to open one up where there was a need.

“We started looking around at small towns nearby and we really fell in love with how cute Hillsboro is,” said Shannan. “And Hillsboro has been super welcoming so far.”

The couple had done a few pop-ups already including one during the Arts and Crafts Fair. They found a building across from Infinity Fitness which works out conveniently for customers since Level Up Nutrition offers post work out drinks among the many options.

The business is conveniently located at 112 N. Main Street which means another empty building on Main Street has been filled. The couple put in beautiful flooring and a bar that customers can sit at to order from and enjoy watching their drinks being made. The place has a very modern feel to it.

The menu is vast with options to please any palate from sweet to sour and more. There are clever names such as Boss Babe, Chiefs, The Trojan, Blue Jays and more. There are shakes/smoothies that can double as meal replacements (great for seniors or those with digestive issues) with 21 essential vitamins and minerals and over 50 flavors or teas that boost your metabolism and help provide clean energy and focus. They offer energy bomb and iced coffee as well. And you can also choose add-ons for additional benefits for all of the drinks.

“Our drinks are safe for all ages. We can make any drink into a kid size and make any drink non-caffeinated as well,” said Shannan.

The shop is open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

“We will see how that goes and how that works for the community. If there is a need for different hours, we may change things down the road,” said Shannan.

The couple also plans to hire more help as the business grows.

For now, the best way to learn more information or to reach out is on Facebook at or on Instagram @leveluphillsboro. You can also call or text your order ahead to 620-245-4605, but please allow at least 15 minutes.

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